Scooter Soccer

Put each student on a scooter board. Students must stay seated on their rears at all times. Students will kick an Omnikin Ball using the bottoms of their feet to try and score a goal. Goals are counted when the ball comes into contact with the other teams wall. When a goal is scored the Omnikin is kicked to the middle to start a new round. Students should stay spread out to keep the ball moving. Hands are not allowed unless they are used to protect their heads/neck. Students can put their hands above them to allow the ball to roll right over the top of themselves.

Human Foosball

Split the class into two teams. Create lines across the gym for the students to stay on. Students must be within two steps of their line. Students try to pass the nerf soccer ball between their teammates to try to score a goal on the other team. These technique keeps students spread apart and allows everyone to play at the same time. Regular indoor soccer rules apply.

Line Soccer

Line up students along the two short walls of the gym. Those walls will be the goals and the students will be the goalies. Three or Four players at a time come off of the wall to the middle of the field to play the ball. A goal is scored when the ball hits the wall below a certain level (4 to 6 ft.). Only goalies may use their hands. Rotate field players every few minutes.

Nine Pins

Have students line up in a single file line. Students leave the line in pairs and go to one of 9 pins. One partner stays at the groups pin and guards the pin while the other partner moves around the gym with the ball and tries to kick their ball to knock down other groups pins. When a pin is knocked down, both partners return to the line and the next two people go out and setup the pin.

Four Square Pinball

Students are split into 5 teams. Each team has a quarter of the court. Students are trying to pass and kick their soccer ball to knock over another teams target. When a target is knocked down, that team leaves the court and the 5th team comes in. Defenders need to stay 3 to 5 ft away from their target. Add a second pin to make it more challenging.

Pin Soccer

This is essentially bottle cap soccer with a pin setup as a goal. Only the players on the field may knock down the pin. Sideline players can use feet and hands. If they pickup a ball they must roll it back into the game. When a pin is knocked down or time goes by then the middle players step out and the line rotates in. Two or three in the middle at a time.

Castle Ball Soccer

Split the class into four teams. Each team will build a castle made of hula hoops (see castle ball in throwing). Object of the game is to keep your castle built while knocking down the other teams castles. No goalies. No hands. Everyone must defend and kick with feet.

Soccer Golf

Setup a Golf Course using cones. Students are to drop kick or kick their ball to hit the cone in the smallest number of kicks possible.

Elimination Soccer

Split the class into 4 teams and give each a color jersey. Each team will setup one pin in their corner of the gym. Each team will have one player act as the goalie. They are the only ones that can use their hands. Teams are moving their ball around and trying to knock down the pins of the other three teams. If their pin gets knocked over they continue playing. The goal is to be the last team with a pin standing up.

Soccer Pinball

Split the class into two teams. Each team will have a set of 5 or more cones on their end line. The goal is to kick their ball from their side of the court and knock down the tennis balls on the other teams side. Students must trap (stop) the ball before each kick and kicks must stay on the ground. Students may guard their cones, but may only use feet (no hands). First team to knock off all of the tennis balls would be the winner.

Soccer Kickball or Three Team Kickball

Split the class into three teams. One team up to bat, one in the infield, and one in the outfield. Each member of the batting team gets a chance to kick the ball and run the bases to try to score a run. They must make it all the way around the bases before the bowling pin is knocked over. The outfield and fielding teams are using their feet only to stop the ball and pass it to the middle gym circle. The infield team will then use their feet to kick the ball to knock over the bowling pin setup in the middle of the circle. If the runner makes it home before the pins is knocked over, they will score a run. Everyone on a team kicks before rotating. Handballs will count as a homerun.

Card Corner Soccer

Setup four goals in each corner of the gym. Place a ring of polydots around each goal area to protect the goalies. Teams will have one goalie and the rest of the team defends their goal or tries to score a goal on another team. When a team scores, they go grab a card from the teacher and place it under one of their cones in their goal. The object of the game is to get the most cards or get the last card. Switch goalies every few minutes.


Pick two or three students to act as bandits. Everyone else starts in the middle of the gym and will have a handful of balls. The players in the middle are going to move around and dribble with their feet to keep the balls away from the bandits. They may pass to each other as well. Bandits job is to steal the ball away from the middle students and kick the ball to hit an outside wall. When a ball is kicked to the outside wall, it is eliminated from play. The bandits job is to try to get all of the balls out of the middle.

Last Pin Down

Setup pins in the middle of the gym. Have players standing on each side of the gym. Students are to kick their soccer balls to try to knock down the pins that are in the middle. The goal is to knock down the last pin standing.

Goals Galore

Setup a goal on each side of four goals in each corner. Create a goal box to keep the goalies safe. Setup a number of pins inside each goal. The object of the game is for each team to knock down the pins in the other teams goal box. If they knock a pin over they get to bring it back to their goal box and add it to theirs. First team to have all of the pins would be the winner.

King of the Ring

Place a hula hoop in the middle of the gym. Place a bunch of hula hoops forming a ring around the gym. Place two students at each hula hoop around the ring. The goal is for one team to be able to get a certain amount of balls into their hoop first. You may take balls from other peoples hoops and you may play defense to keep others from getting a ball to their hoop.