Scooter Pinball

Equipment: 20 bowling pins (10 for each team), 10 cones (5 on each side to mark the Goalie Box), jerseys for one team, scooters for all students except for the 3 goalies, 15-20 Softies, a bucket of bean bags and 2 hula hoops, one on each team's side.

Students are divided into 2 teams. A goalie zone is marked off by a line of cones about 10 feet from the end of the gym on both sides. The goalies will stand 10 pins up in the goalie zone. The goalies will not be on scooters and their job is to defend the pins in the goalie zone. All the rest of the players will be sitting on scooters and lined up on their half of the gym. 7-10 balls will be distributed to each team to hold until the music starts.
When the game begins, anyone without a ball can move on their scooter to any place they wish to go on the gym floor, but not in the goalie zone. Only the goalies are to be in the goalie zone.

The players with the ball cannot move on their scooters. Their only choices are to pass the ball to another teammate or to throw the ball at the other team’s pins. They cannot roll the ball to make forward progress. Once they throw or pass the ball they can move anywhere on their scooters.

If a player knocks the other team’s pin down by a throw, that player gets up from their scooter and goes to the bucket full of beanbags. If they knocked down 1 pin, they select one beanbag and place it in their team's hula hoop. They then return to their scooter and continue in the game. If a player knocks more than 1 pin down with the ball, they score as many points as pins that were knocked down. (2 pins = 2 beanbags, 3 pins = 3 beanbags, etc.)

Goalies are to continue to defend the pins and set the pins back up as they are knocked down. Goalies must stay in the goalie zone and are not allowed to score points for their team.

Rotate goalies after every song.

Scooter Soccer

Students ride the scooters on their bottoms. Move around the gym and try to kick the omnikin ball toward a wall. No goalies and no use of hands unless they are protecting themselves. Easy for all grade levels.

Scooter Pirate Island

Place three hula hoops in the middle of the gym with loads of treasure (bean bags) in the hoops. Have two scooter boards (pirate ship) and tagging sticks (pirates sword) in the middle. The 2 pirates have to guard the three islands of treasure on their scooter boards. Around the gym place 6 hula hoops (ships). Each student will be assigned to a ship and will get one scooter board. Their job is to go to the islands and try to steal a piece of treasure without getting tagged by a pirate. If tagged, their turn is done.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Have 4 to 6 teams of students with each team getting a scooter. One student at a time rides the scooter to the middle of the gym and grabs as many tennis balls/balloons as they can before they get pulled back to their home. Once at home they place all of the balls in a bucket. Change grabbers and do the same thing over again. Tie a rope to each scooter to bring them

Sonic Boom

Setup 4 mats on end on each side of the gym. All students will start on scooters and must stay seated. Inflate two or three omnikin or large age balls. Students are to kick and push the balls to knock over the other teams mats. The other team is doing the same thing. First team to knock down all of the mats wins.

Scooter Sabakiball

See Sabakiball on scooters