Lacrosse Shooting Stars

Split the class into multiple teams in the gym. Each team will have one ball and one lacrosse stick. Set out lots of poly dots all over the floor and different distances to a basketball hoop. Students are to move to the poly dot and using the lacrosse stick throw the ball to the hoop. If the ball touches the backboard, rim, or net they get to take the spot back to their team. Make the different colors be worth varying amounts of points.

Receiver Rescue

Split the class into two teams. Everyone has a stick and put lots of soft balls (3 inch gator balls) all over the floor. Each team chooses two students to act as the teams starting throwers. They start on their side of the gym and everyone else on their team starts in their jail. Throwers toss the balls to their teammates. If a teammate catches a throwers ball then they get to join the thrower on their side. They can throw and get more teammates out of jail or they can defend the other teams jail. We added a second way to get out of jail and that it for the people in jail to throw a ball to the throwers and if it is caught they can get out of jail. If anyone intercepts a pass from the other team, the thrower is sent back to jail.

4 Team or 6 Team Lacrosse

Setup six big boxes in the corners of the gym. Inside each box place at least 3 bowling pins. No goalies are allowed and each team starts with a couple of small gator balls. Students try to move around the gym and knock over the other teams bowling pins. If they knock over a pin they get to grab it and bring it back to their square. Teams can only shoot at a goal once before moving on to another goal. Students are not allowed to move with a ball in their basket.

Continuos Pin Lacrosse

Setup 15 poly dots on each side of the gym. Place 8 bowling pins on 8 of the dots. Separate the class into two teams. Students have to stay on their side of the court and throw the gator balls using the lacrosse stick. If they knock over a bowling pin then they get to retrieve that pin and place it on one of their empty poly dots. Their goal is to fill up all of their poly dots before the other team.