Jump Roping Challenges

My jump rope unit is a work in progress. This year I have created a list of challenges for my students. Some are easy and others are more difficult. These will hit kids of all different abilities. The challenges are attached below.

In addition, I have also attached a worksheet that my students are working on throughout our unit. Feel free to use it any way you like.

Chinese Jupe Ropes are another fun way to get the kids moving and working in small groups. Chinese Jump Ropes are elastic bands that are placed around the ankles of two students four or five feet away from one another. A third student steps inside to be the jumper. There are many routines to try and each routine can be tried at different levels- the ankle level, knee level, pocket level.

This is the starting routine

Next: Straddle-Straddle-Straddle-Straddle-In-Out-Spin-On - Make sure students spin while keep their feet near the ground so that the rope gets tangled in their feet.

Next: Straddle-Straddle-Straddle-Straddle-In-Out-Across-On Make sure that students take the rope with them when they jump across.

Next: Straddle-Straddle-Straddle-Straddle-In-Out-Across Backwards-On Make sure that students take the rope with them with they jump across.

Next: Make up their own.