Fitness Testing Portfolio's

Though I love the fitness tests that Fitnessgram has created, I am not a huge fan of the Fitness Reports that comes along with the software that was purchased for us. Instead, I think giving my students a view of their entire fitness history allows them to see how they have developed, to observe areas that they are strong in, and to set goals for themselves throughout their time at Ridgecrest. I created these two fitness portfolio's in excel for each student in my school (1st through 6th). As healthy zones are different for boys and girls I made two separate portfolio's for each. I save each portfolio by grade level and gender so that individual portfolio's are easy to find and easy to maintain. I know many of the Shoreline PE teachers have adopted the Fitnessgram software, but if you would like to give this portfolio system a try please feel free. I would be more than willing to give anyone a quick lesson on this easy to use program anytime.

Goal Setting for Fitness Tests

I have found that it is very helpful for my students to get a chance to practice each fitness test before the actual test is completed. This also gives us a great chance to set goals for our test. After each practice run I have my students fill out the scoresheet that is attached below and then they come up with a realistic goal for their actual test. I also ask students to get a parent signature with their goal so that parents understand what it is we are working on in PE.