Here is the 2015-16 Edition of the Elementary Fitness Report. This report has Pacer (15 meter and 20 meter), Sit and Reach, Push-Ups, and Curl Ups. 15 Meter Pacer scores are automatically changed to 20 meter scores. This spreadsheet is created to allow for the gender of the student to change the healthy zones. As a result, you no longer need to have one sheet for girls and one sheet for boys. Just make sure that you have downloaded the gender piece from skyward when you get your class list and it will change the numbers to fit the student. You will still want to have a sheet for each grade level to make it easy when the kids move up each year.

Here is a quick "How To" on getting a class list off of Skyward. It is not very straight forward, but will be easy once it is setup.

Here is the 2014-2015 Edition of the Elementary Fitness Report with mile and flexed arm hang.

Here is the HS Edition of the Fitness Report. This include 20 meter pacer (converted to VO2), Push Ups, Mile Walk/ Run (with no healthy zone), and Sit and Reach (both feet). This also includes an optional BMI Calculation.

Here is the High School Edition of the "How To" on getting a class list off Skyward.