Monopoly Fitness

Setup a Monopoly Board of activities around the entire gym. Put out equipment so that students can complete each activity required of them. Have students roll the dice every minute or so to move the class around the monopoly spots.


1000 Point Challenge

Create a list of activities for students to try to accomplish to gain points. Students can try to reach 1000 points or try to go for school/class/grade level records.

Candy Grab

Divide class into two teams. Team 1 will line up at one end of the gym while Team 2 sits against the side wall. Spread juggling balls and beanbags (the candy) across the other end of the gym. When the music starts, everyone runs to the candy, grabs 2 pieces and runs back to deliver it “home.” Teams may not throw the candy and it must be behind the end line. Time them.

I also do a second round where they can only grab 1 piece of candy.